Intro to Ebenezer Creek

Ebenezer Creek, a tributary of the Savannah River, contains pristine bald cypress and swamp tupelo bottomland forests. The creek has immense historic and ecological importance. It offers habitat for uncommon species such as silky camellia, sweet pitcher plant, Rafinesque’s big-eared bat, Prothonotary Warbler, Swallow-tailed Kite, and Painted Bunting. The Ebenezer Creek has been deemed a Georgia Scenic River and has also earned the designation of National

Natural Landmark, as well as being considered a high-priority site by Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Ebenezer Creek is one of the many black water creeks and waterways in the south. The abundant vegetation, slow current and relatively warm temperature of the water all contribute to this condition. When leaves fall into the water way, the tannic acid in them leaches out causing the change in color. The result is highly acidic, and very dark tannic water. This feature makes for very clear reflections on the water when it is still, and photographers enjoy the results. The Savannah River is also considered a black water river, although it is hard to tell due to the large amounts of sediment it carries.

On this website we will be working to provide information regarding all things interesting about Ebenezer Creek! We have information on historical facts, animal and plant life found on the creek, and points of interest along that way. Much of this information is also available and summarized on our Explore Ebenezer Creek App.

There are multiple launch points and boat ramps that can be used to access Ebenezer Creek. The most popular public boat landings for access are Tommy Long Landing and Long Bridge Landing. By water, these landings are approximate 3-4 miles apart and Tommy Long Landing is only 3 miles by water from the Savannah River. There is another landing at Ebenezer where the Savannah River meets the creek, but it is private and special permission is needed to use it. Multiple outfitters offer tours on Ebenezer Creek, or you can use our Ebenezer Creek Tour App!